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Products and Markets

Dental Application


The Company is introducing to dentists worldwide a major advancement in the systems used for guiding and positioning the dental intraoral x-ray beam.  The system works for intraoral x-rays taken with either existing analog film based systems or with the newer generation digital x-ray systems, and enables a dental practice’s radiographic technician or dental hygienist to achieve true perpendicularity and centering between the dental film and the x-ray tube so that a perfect x-ray can be taken every time.


Through improved diagnostic accuracy, our technology enables the dentist to identify even subtle indications of incipient disease.  In addition, the product also will reduce the dentist’s day-to-day operating costs by minimizing the incidence of distorted or incomplete exposures.  As a result of the reduction in retakes, the practice saves on technician time and film processing costs. 


Our technology, currently in prototype development, emits an audible signal and the positioning lights turn white, indicating to the technician that the x-ray emissions beam and the film are in perfect alignment.  At that point the technician, with the head now “locked in”, exits the room and takes an x-ray.


The global dental radiology equipment market is forecast to reach $3 Billion by 2017. The global dental radiology equipment market was estimated at $2.1 billion in 2010 and is forecast to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5% to reach $3 billion by 2017. The dental radiology market has become popular as more advanced three dimensional (3D) and digital devices are entering the market.


There are approximately 135,000 dental practices and close to 174,000 practicing dentists in the US and Canada.  In addition there are an estimated 700,000 dentists worldwide (2004 data –ADA).  The Company estimates that on average each dental practice has 2.5 x-ray machines and the installed base of intraoral units in the North American market is approximately 337,500.  The Company estimates the total US market for the system is presently $565.0 million and growing. Disposable tags used in conjunction with this equipment are many multiples of these numbers.