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Executive Management Team


Dr. Ramin Homanfar – Co Inventor - CEO Practicing dentist in Reno, Nevada. Graduate University of Nevada Reno, University of the Pacific, Johns Hopkins University, Ohio State University


Bela Incze – Co Inventor – Vice President Manufacturing Senior Design Engineer at an internationally recognized electronics company. vast experience in electronic design and manufacturing.


Michael J. Botich – Shareholder - V.P. Director of R&D Inventor/ Design Engineer with 39 years  of product development within but not excluded to electronic products, medical devices, automotive and consumer products. Mr. Botich has held director position with many major companies including Design Works USA, Unitek, Med-Design Corp. ( a public co.). He was the co Inventor of an array of safety needle product. Mr. Botich holds over 30 us and foreign patents.


Peter Lowden - CFA/CFO

Mr. Lowden is the Chief Investment Officer for a well-established investment firm in Miami, Florida. Mr. Lowden has 25 years of experience in investment research, management and structuring for both public and private companies. Mr. Lowden holds a BS in finance from the University of Colorado, Boulder and the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.


Executive Advisory and Consultant Team





Jack Kavanaugh | Dr. Kavanaugh- Co-Founded- International Strategy Consulting Group, based in Los Angeles and Mexico City.  Beginning in 2000, Dr. Kavanaugh raised nearly $30 million in initial funding for two startup biotechnology firms based on Dr. Grubb’s technology.  Part of that technology earned Dr. Grubbs a Nobel Prize for chemistry in November, 2005.  Dr. Kavanaugh sits on the boards of PreCash, Materia, Inc., Calhoun Vision, L&W Stone Corp., and Encompass Knowledge Systems.  He holds D.D.S., M.B.A. and B.A. degrees from UCLA.


John A. Botich – Shareholder – Financial Consultant


Mr. Botich- hold several degrees from USC, including Mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. His 60 year career includes executive VP and CEO positions for Hughes Aircraft, Meva Corp, VTN, Harco Boatbuilding and recently Med Design Corp., A public company he helped start. He will bring business expertise to ABR.