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ABR, LLC (“ABR” or the “Company”) is focused on capitalizing on it's three, broad patents covering any use of a radio frequency location and information device (RFLID). ABR has a priority patent position on the use of a radio frequency information device to determine location, and has identified significant applications of the technology in multiple industries.


Like many companies capitalizing on intellectual property, the Company intends to pursuit licensing agreements with established companies, which are currently operating in four identified industries that are the focus of this business plan. However, the increasing usage of Radio Frequency (RF) technology and the broadness of the Company’s patent result in hundreds of potential applications that are equally viable and potentially profitable.



ABR was formed in 2004 in Reno, Nevada to commercialize the intellectual property developed by Dr. Ramin Homanfar, DDS and his engineering partner Bela Incze. Dr. Homanfar is a practicing dentist in Reno, and Mr. Incze is an electrical engineer and is the originator of the initial product concept. The Company is also guided by a distinguished and experienced Board of Directors. The intellectual property rights have been assigned to the Company.


Our RFLID Technology

Radio-frequency location-identification (RFLID) is the use of a wireless non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields for a precise three dimensional alignment of two objects as well as transfer data between those two objects, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking.



ABR will market its technology to companies in industries where applications have been identified. These companies will be reached through direct contacts with known companies, published articles in trade journals, and industry trade shows that enable the Company to highlight the benefits of the technology in specific applications.



The Company has elected to be a technology licensing company to optimize the use of capital, which it is now raising. It is anticipated that this round of funding can support the successful development of multiple licensed applications, with capital going primarily to pay for technical prototype development and engineering, and legal agreements that will bring the Company to profitability.


Projections show the new round of capital enabling the Company to grow to over $20 million in revenues in five years. With expenses growing only fractionally relative to the growth in revenue, the substantial majority of the revenue is free cash flow and available for growing the Company and/or for distributing to shareholders.